Club Programs

Our club generally has three distinct seasons which usually begin in September of each year.

Cross Country Season – usually runs from the beginning of September until the end of October.

Indoor Program Season – High School and older programs usually run from the beginning of September until the end of March. Junior Development (JD) program usually runs from the beginning of November until the end of March.

Outdoor Program Season – usually runs from the beginning of April and goes until mid-July. Some athletes may train in July because provincial/national championships take place during the summer.

Our coaches are usually off for the month of August and may stop their programs earlier if athlete interest and attendance drops off after school is over at the end of June. Coaches often take a break at Christmas, and also during Spring Break time. Discussion with your coach will help you to determine when they will not be working.

Link to – Specific information about each Program 

Club Handbooks

Information for athletes and parents about the club and about what to expect from us and during practices and meets.

Fee Information

JD and Older athletes may register annually up to the end of October. After that date, athletes must register for each season (Cross Country, Indoor, Outdoor) in order to train with the club.

When registering for an annual membership, athletes must choose the age group they will be competing in during the 2020 year (age as of Dec. 31, 2020) so that the proper BC Athletics membership is purchased.

As well, those athletes registering annually will have to pay double the Family Volunteer Fee because of the two main seasons being registered for.

Download the 2019-2020 Fee Schedule