Van Ryswyk Indoor and BC Masters Indoor Championship

Meet Results


The Van Ryswyk Indoor Meet and the BC Masters Indoor Championship are held at the same time in the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops, BC. Neither meet requires qualifying times/distances, so any athlete wishing to participate may register online. All Masters athletes and other athletes who are no longer in grades 3 – 12 must be members of BC Athletics / Athletics Canada in order to compete. The exception is athletes from another provincial jurisdiction, or from another country, providing they are members of their country’s IAAF affiliation. Athletes in grades 3 – 12 who are not members of BC Athletics or who are Training members of a club may participate, but will have to purchase “Day of Event” insurance ($3) when registering for the meet.

It is expected that all athletes will take the time to view the Meet information package, the List of offered events, and the Tentative schedule, prior to registering. Please be aware that the Tentative schedule will likely change once the numbers of athletes are known for each event, after the registration deadline.